No hype. No bogus statements. Just
the simple, beautiful truth of your
excellence conveyed to consumers.


Watch your revenue grow as our
creative direct marketing specialists
improve your branding.


Good. Okay. Average. None of
these words describe our team.
Only the most unique, dynamic
ideas make it through.

Growth Through Superior Brand Management

We guide clients through the minefield that is the world of advertising

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Veralux, Inc. Expands Client Reach

Our services allow our client’s market share to continually grow every month

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Teamwork That Delivers Growth Continuously

Our positive attitude shines through in every campaign that we create!

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We Offer Fantastic Careers

We offer is a comprehensive mentorship that will lead to an exciting fulfilling career that you will love.

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Welcome to Veralux, Inc

Veralux, Inc. is a dedicated team of individuals who use their outside of the box creativity to provide inventive sales and marketing solutions that relentlessly improve the market growth and share for top catering, electronics, cleaning and personal care brands. Each of our team members puts in valuable face time with consumers at in-person events across the country. By connecting with the consumers on a personal level we represent our clients’ brands in the best possible way and visibly improve market growth every month.

Enthusiasm Makes the World Go Round

Here at Veralux, Inc, our individuality is matched only by our level of consistent improvement. We believe that in order to meet the demands of our clients, our direct marketing team must be much more than people who like to promote products. They must be enthusiastic about their surroundings and understand how the leading brands we deal with improve people’s lives. Every day offers a fun, new challenge that will test our team to their limits. Our hunger to constantly learn and improve means that our peers, clients and consumers are able to benefit from the opportunities we create as a team.

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